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Snowflake Avalanche and 18th & Union present


Y York Tells Stories

The Klein Party plays Klezmerish Songs from All the Old Countries


Sunday April 25, May 2, and May 9



or at the Snowflake Avalanche facebook page

or the Klein Party facebook page


Free of Charge


For three consecutive Sunday afternoons, Y York and the Klein Party will live stream theatrical stories and music from 18th & Union. Viewing is free, but donations will be accepted.


Y has spent a great part of the pandemic year writing a series of stories titled “The Lady Who.” These monodramas are comic, tragic and challenging one-woman plays that have been variously performed by Y and a range of different actors across the country and released on social media.


Y will perform three different stories each Sunday. (9 total)


The Klein Party plays Jewish music, including Eurasian and New World klezmer, Ashkenazi & Sephardic folk traditions, and the Yiddish theatre. They also play songs from Ireland, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Persia, Korea, Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Hungary, Scotland, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Romania and the Ukraine. They also draw from the Great American Songbook, older Americana, novelty tunes, and film music, as well as work by composers such as Leonard Cohen, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Charlie Haden, James P. Johnson, Phillip Johnston, Vitorrio Monti, Giuseppi Verdi, Fats Waller & Kurt Weill. The Klein Party often includes Eric Ray Anderson (ukulele & vocals), Brandon Campbell (saxophone), Joseph J. Casalini (contrabass), David Gassner (Yiddish vocals), Mark Lutwak (accordion), Sabrina Pope (clarinet), and Amber Wolfe (English vocals & percussion).


The Klein Party spent the Covid Year live streaming over 300 different songs from a basement, a backyard and the Royal Room as a septet, quartet, trio, the “Klein Party of One” & “Klein Party of 2.”


The Klein Party will perform about a dozen different songs each Sunday.


This program is supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission.