This is a photo from the world premiere production of THE LAST PAVING STONE, at Idaho Theatre for Youth in 1998 (designs by Tobin Alexandra-Young & Melanie Taylor Burgess).

We began re-inventing this play as a solo "storytelling" performance piece in 2019  for performance in Seattle and then on to Hawai`i for a run at Honolulu Theatre for Youth.  We are working with actor Christina Uyeno, designers Stephen Weihs & Frances Kenny (both of whom worked on the original production of THE SNOWFLAKE AVALANCHE) and composers Robin Holcomb & Wayne Horvitz.


We are currently in hiatus with this project. Once the pandemic backs off, we will get back to work

In the meantime, Y is writing new "Lady Who..." monodramas. Some are for her to perform; others are for other actors to perform. We're posting them on social media and on this website.

We'll keep you posted.

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