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Jake is sick of being a mechanic; he wants in where the real action is. His wife May wants to learn to paint so she can have something to look at before the memory of her mother fades away. Joanie wants to be a famous artist, a good artist, not just a wife, any sort of artist. Nick wants his wife to be happy and his numbers business to take care of itself. Art, crime, sex & husbands who really love their wives collide in this comic tragedy about the triumph of ambition over soul.

Y York's Framed premiered in April 2007 at Mark's Garage (Honolulu, HI) in a production directed by Mark Lutwak with a design concept by Michael Harada that incorporated 9 original paintings commissioned from local artists.

Framed was produced by Snowflake Avalanche at 18th & Union (Seattle) in November 2018. The production and design concept was based on the Honolulu production.


The cast was:

  • Susanna Burney as Joanie

  • Joe Seefeldt as Nick

  • Maile Wong as May

  • Jeremy Steckler as Jake

The staff was:

  • Mark Lutwak, director

  • Jordan Talbot, stage manager

  • Jessica Dodge, set & properties designer

  • Francis Kenny, costume designer

  • Ryan Dunn, lighting designer

  • Wayne Horvitz, composer

  • Bob Gronhovd, Technical director

  • Music performed by ZONY MASH

  • with original paintings by Jessica Dodge, Laurel Dodge, Juju, Nancy Kiefer, Deborah Faye Lawrence, L. Kelly Lyles, Fiona McGuigan, Cindy Small & Mitchel Spry.

The production was supported generously by donations from family, friends & fans,

as well as an arts project grant from 4Culture and a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission.

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